Industrial area in Isaszeg

The Local Government of Isaszeg applied successfully in 2016 to the tender titled Competitive Central Hungary OP (CCHOP)-1.2.2-15 “Support of developing business infrastructure in Pest County”, in the course of which the tender of identification code CCHOP-1.2.2-15-2016-00006 received non-refundable EU funds in an amount of HUF 207.90 million for establishing industrial areas. For companies looking for a site to settle down or already in operation, but also for those wanting to continue growing, ensuring the local conditions for intensifying the economy and increasing the level of employment are available at the Isaszeg industrial area. The employees of the companies operating in the area meet appropriate working conditions with the help of the supplementary services provided by the operator of the industrial area, and by ensuring the constancy of quality of the rented infrastructure.

Location and accessibility of the Isaszeg industrial area:

The area is found in the outer area of Isaszeg, east of the municipality, near the Szentgyörgypuszta district of the city. Road accessibility of the area is possible from the Cinkota-Zsámbok connecting road no. 3102 (at km 18+988) via the local government roads of APN 015/56 and 015/103, where proper asphalt roads have been built.

As a result of the development, 8 construction lots have been designated, which may be flexibly consolidated if necessary. Road, electric, gas, water, fire water, sewage and precipitation water networks have been built to ensure the conditions necessary for the planned production and service activities. In the business park, surrounded by fence and equipped with public lighting, a service house has been built, whose task is to provide the conditions required for operation and providing the supplementary services for the businesses that have settled.

Division of the area:

Size (ha)
Total area 3.8572
Useful area 1.7219
Occupied area 1.7219
Remaining free useful area 1.7219
The construction lots may be built in up to a rate of 45%, which is 900 m2 of floor area for a 2000 m2 lot.
Size of the lots available for rent: 015/114 0,2041
015/115 0,2040
015/116 0,2040
015/117 0,2041
015/118 0,0109
015/119 0,2153
015/120 0,2265
015/121 0,2265
015/122 0,2265

Public utilities:

Concerning electricity supply:

  • The Local Government contracted a 25 A electricity supply with the electricity provider for each of the 8 lots.
  • Weak current (telephone, internet) points of delivery have been installed at each of the 8 lots
  • he area has public lighting.

Concerning gas supply:

  • 5 m3/h gas is connected to each of the 8 lots, as the Local Government has concluded a contract with the gas provider on this
  • the tenant of the property may expand the capacity following reconciliation in advance

Concerning water supply and canalisation:

  • potable water supply comes through a DN 110 KPE PN 12.5 trunk line; the water network if of a pressure grade of 12.5 bar
  • the sewage trunk line is built from DN 200 KGPVC pipes and elements; the connection lines of the properties are made of D 160 KGPVC pipes and elements with sleeve joints sealed by rubber rings, with an end point overlap of 120 cm within the lot boundary
  • the pipeline carries water and sewage in a closed system, without exposing the environment to harmful effects.

The enterprises settling rent lots, free standing offices or other facilities at the area developed, undertaking to register their registered offices or sites there. The full implementation of the infrastructural system, and the favourable transport and accessibility conditions allow the businesses settling in the Isaszeg industrial area to engage in a wide variety of production and service activities.

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